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What is the best way to drive sales?

If there is a service describe what the results will be after the service is completed. Show before and after photos or videos. If it is a product describing the product the best you can. Even better to put pictures or video of the product in the ad. Show as many angles as possible. So prospects can get a good feel for the product.

Then put the ad in as many places as you can so you can get the information out there. And the more places you have information the better. The key is to put information in front of your potential customers on and off the web.

Just do not put the ad anywhere and everywhere, however. Only put your ads where your current customers hang out, so more potential customers can see the ad.

If you are not sure where your customers hang out that you need to do some research to find them … Get caught up in the survey your customers. It is to learn as much as you can about your customers so you can turn more prospects into paying customers.

It is important to put ads in front of customers that already want or need your product. Think of it this way, if you want or need your product how much sales you need to do to get them to buy from you?

When you find them placing an ad in front of them and watch them come.

Here are some tips to get some information about your customers.

Ask current customers questions, so you can start to get a background on them and an idea of ​​what they do so that you can sell other people like them.

Pay attention to what they are to be and what they drive. You can easily take note of what they drive, how they dress. So you can start putting them into categories.

If you really want to dig deep you can easily start to ask questions to your existing customers and take a very close notes that what they say and how they say it.

By paying attention to what they say and how they say you can start using their words to sell them.

By using the word current client uses you can use these words in your sales copy to sell prospects. This is very powerful when done. Think of it this way … If you can tell prospects what they think before they say it … Prospects know instinctively that you know what the problem is and you know how to fix it.

Once you know your customer, you can find others like them who want to buy your product or service.

Why Values ​​lead to Sales Success

What are values ​​and values ​​related to sales figures?

Values ​​are at the core of our behavior and motivation. It’s what drives us. While values ​​are abstract and personal it is what customers see and experience when dealing with you can make effective feels almost tangible. Were constant force can build customer confidence and faith in the recognition you.

There are core values ​​and added value. An example would be the integrity and recognition. You can elect to have been given recognition for a job well done, but if it is not forthcoming, you accept it. However, if you are asked to compromise your integrity this is quite another matter. Supplementary subject to change overtime with external influences, but rarely do the core values ​​change. Base your are tied to the underlying primary needs that, if not met, will often lead to related fear or stress. For example, you can evaluate the quality, so there is a need to ensure high standards applied by those you work with and within the organization. You can go out of their way to ensure this happens to avoid a fall in standards. However, when standards fall short you may find yourself becoming irritated if still feel frustrated or angry.

So there are examples of value?

Achievement, recognition, challenge, collaboration, creativity, knowledge, friendship, honesty, independence. education, presence, organization, pleasure, quality, recognition, responsibility, security, spirituality, peace, diversity and wealth.

It is important to understand the core values ​​which will help you analyze and understand the value of your customers. This explains why you often get well with some clients and not others.

Utopia in sales is when core values ​​are aligned with customer values. When this happens and the client refers you to the prospects they tend to also have a similar effect. Shared values ​​often result in trade is established with little effort, to create feelings of well-being for both parties and can become a sustainable competitive advantage. Sustainable competitive advantage is rare in the sale and thanks to understanding value can make it possible.

How to overcome negative thinking in sales

How many of us can go for an hour or a day without having a negative thought? If you are honest with yourself answer was you could not or with great difficulty.

Have you ever benefited from negative thinking? Does it help you to achieve great success happy business or personal life? Does it make you feel exhilarated or make you feel good about yourself? I think not. So why not have negative thoughts and persist with them?

Unfortunately the vast majority of people think and speak negatively without realizing it. Perhaps it is the social situation and we have become desensitized or for some people it is looking for attention or to fit in? Negative thinking can become a habit and have a detrimental effect on how much energy and happiness, and weakens the immune system.

Be careful what you think about most of the time because you will attract it, whether positive or negative, wanted or unwanted. The Law of Attraction is at work and it has no judge can and will give you what you want, whether you believe it or not. For example, if you used the phrase “I need more business” repeatedly time the result will be “more business.” This negative thinking prevents any change happens so the actual sales. Start by changing the thought as “I am taking positive action to build a business volume which I already have.” Focus on what you have and not what you do not.

In the short term positive affirmations will clash with religion. Your belief system determine how you think, feel and behave. If you are already competent salesperson and you want to change your sales results you need to eradicate attitudes that create negative. A belief is the statement said again and again that you think and feel to some extent is true about the current situation. While religion can be strong it is often not based on actual facts or experience.

Write down and repeat the positive affirmation when you get a chance until you create a new belief. For example, if you are used to respond to customers who ask “how are you?” with “good” why not use more uplifting language as “great”. Now hold on, I hear you say, I do not feel great and was telling a lie. Is it a lie? Need to play how you feel every time or you can change your mind? If you knew that you would create a better first impression by using more uplifting language and end up feeling better and more energized yourself, why would you not use words like “great … wonderful … great?” If something prevents you from changing it’s current beliefs.

So if you start?

1. Become aware of your thoughts

Set a time frame as 1 day and take your thoughts. You may be surprised at how many negative thoughts that you have, but do not worry, you are bound to major changes in the selling process and your life. If a negative thought occurs, take it and then let it go and avoid saying it out loud. For example, “Business is very strong.” You may consider changing your thinking to “The business environment is challenging, but I’m all for it.”

2. Change your thinking

When you become aware of your negative thoughts instead of their thoughts with positive ones always make statements short, specific and in some ways the fact. For example: “I really blew that opportunity” to “I’m glad I know where I can improve, I will ask more probing questions.”

3. Changing how you feel

This is difficult to do even when you are thinking positively. To unfreeze feelings that you want to change and refreeze the new start by visualizing the result that you want. Result has to be seen and felt in detail. Do this repeatedly until new thinking and emotions are part of the new religion.

4. Take positive action

Without action nothing will change. Actively go about your day to day work and apply what you have learned. It is difficult in the beginning but it will get easier with practice. You will achieve the results you need and you’ll feel better about yourself. What a great new belief system.

As sales professionals we are supposed to conduct daily rejection that makes it difficult, but not impossible to be positive. Negative thoughts can easily creep in. Start today by becoming aware of your thoughts. It is the first step in the right direction to take control of the thought and leads a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Process Of Personal Selling

Personal Selling is the technology of sales marketing, where a person sells his products face to face with the customer. This results in a bilateral benefit both buyer and seller. Buyer gets desired products at ease and sales person gets their sales incentives. And sometimes personal sale is made on the reason for providing product information. Personal selling process consists of seven steps, which are necessary to close the sale. The process is as follows:


Sales reps starts the process by prospecting potential clients. They seek new customers potentially buy their products. The reps using a variety of methods to find potential buyers like to go to the market and talking to consumers or cold calling, etc. This is exhausting step and reps will keep a lot of data.


This step is also known as pre-approach. Sales reps make preparations for the first meeting with a potential buyer. Rather reps gather information about customers that would help in the sale process. This step reps prepare a presentation and complete other tasks waiting necessary to close the sale.


The third step in the process is accessible and quite important. At this time, the representative gathers more information about the prospects preferences, likes and dislikes. During this time he warms up the environment with general coverage to help open the prospect of relative products.


During this phase a representative makes a presentation. This may include a display item or gift and show the customer why they need to have it. Company representatives should focus on highlights and advantages team using this methodology.

Opposition Handling

Sometimes, the seller will have to overcome the complaints of the customer. Numerous customers have questions and concerns about the sale. In the event that the company representatives can answer questions and overcome any objections in fact, the obstacles for a successful deal will be cut through tightly controlled handling objections.

Closing sales

After complaints have been corrected, the main thing left to do is to bring the deal to close. This may involve viewing a receipt and give any recent data to the client. At this stage methodology, one can negotiate the sale price and payment terms.

Feedback and follow

Follow-up is the last stage in personal sales process. After the item has been delivered, representing catch up with the customer to see if they are satisfied. On the off chance that there were any problems with the team, a company representative can work with the client to get them fixed. If the customer is content and happy, a representative may also ask for additional references.

How to Become a Rainmaker and increase sales for your business

One of the most important factors for any successful business is to have Rainmaker. This can be seen as antiquated term for some, but it is the most prestigious place to be within the company. If you want to become a valuable asset for your business, you need to work to become one of these amazing people. Rain Maker comes but just simple contributions to companies in which they are found in, they understand business partnerships, targeted marketing and the power of the internet to increase sales and get more revenue for their business. They are able to use the power of leverage and able to help any business succeed using a unique method. If your goal is to become one of these powerful experts, here are some tips and tools on how to become one.

Raise your profile with Public Speaking

The first major thing you need to start getting good at is, public speaking. This is not just about talking in front of a large audience, it is associated with getting up in front of a small group and able to present your ideas. You will be able to communicate clearly what you are doing, how you are doing it, and what needs to continue. The best people in the business can not only run the back end, they must deal with the company. If you are afraid of this, it is important to shake it off. Look to take a public speaking course or work Toastmasters group. Learn and master the skills needed in this field, it is going to pay handsome dividends down the line.

Be Master Networker

Whenever you are in public, or at a conference, which aims to meet at least 10 new people every time. You need to be able to network fast. You should be able to get a buzz going about what you are doing every conference you’re in. You should be able to shake hands, go up to the individuals, and convert skepticism in religion. Listen to what others have to say first and understand how you can help their business before you get them interested to know what your business is doing. Remember that people are interested in other people who are interested in them. Networking is one of the most important key in your journey to become a Rainmaker, if you want to take advantage of other contacts and bring in a lot of prospect / referral business, you need to focus on this. It is important, and it goes way beyond just to say “hi” on social networking sites. You need to do this in person.

Become a Sales Superstar

If you really want to be recognized as the Rainmaker, you need to win sales. You must understand and succeed in direct sales or figuring out how marketing works. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of this. The reason why this is important is simple, you need to show others that you are able to succeed because of your skills and knowledge. Without this in place, you’re going to have to fight, trying to convince others that what you suggest will work for them. You can not get anywhere if you can not prove that you are able to do what is asked. For example, if you are trying to build a down line, and you’re telling them what to do, you will be able to take it up with results. You need to show them that you make money through your plans. Lead by example and that means mastering sales and process, so that no one can call you a hypocrite.

Keep learning.

The market is always changing and new methods in sales and marketing are popping up every day. Never lose sight of the fact that you need to constantly be learning. No matter what level you are in business, there is always room for improvement. You can always learn something new every day. This goes back to the notion of leading by example. If you expect down the line to train and learn the business, you should be there to learn with them. Going back to basics, update yourself with the latest information, and make sure you know all the answers to the questions people ask. The key to being a Rainmaker can always encourage others with new knowledge. Never rest easy on your laurels. It is easy to assume that when you are “expert” level that you do not have anything to learn. Always be learning, keep your mind sharp and trading strategies ahead of the curve.

Get Your Hands Dirty

One of the many make the mistake of companies after they begin to dominate, is that they stop doing the basics. For example, many people do not go to a sale. There is a point where many people get lazy. Do not go down that route. If you are trying to build a down line, then you should take the reins every now and then, go on sale discussions and help others to seal the deal. Always try to get down to basics and get your hands dirty when you can. The more you work on the craft, the more likely you’ll begin to have true believers from your company. Remember, you’re not going to master anything just to win the confines of the office. You need to make it work by going into the trenches with your team, so make sure you are constantly pushing and are visible in the team that you are installing.

Meet New People Everyday

One way that you can be relevant in the market, and Rainmaker position comes up fast talking to new people. Take the opportunity to go to any business gathering practices and more. If it is an interesting event in your area, make sure that you are going to. You want the opportunity to talk with others as much as you can, even if you do not convert sales every time, it does not matter. The goal here goes back to building relationships and trust. You need confidence to be able to approach the other, convince others that you are an expert in your field. When you tap into the confidence of a true Rainmaker, you will eventually end up becoming a huge success and business groups that will pay handsome dividends for you. People would not know about you, if you can not get used to talking to people.

10 Tips to be a better salesperson

A salesperson is not limited to any shady car salesman wearing tacky clothes. A sales representative can be someone trying to convince potential customers to invest in a product or service, whatever it may be.

And if you are someone who is wanting to start a business, then these tips were written especially for you!

1. Have Charisma – First and foremost, you need to have charisma when trying to convince people. There are numerous books that can teach you how to be charming, but all you really need to do is practice. The more you will be happy with your sales representative role, most naturally charismatic you will.

2. Eye Contact – Some are shy, and it’s OK. But if you want to be a successful salesperson, the eye is a must. This is because the eyes shows that you are communicating with another person, and it shows that you are not ashamed to explain the product to your potential customers.

3. relax – speak to a voice or tense look on your face is a big turn off for customers. When I first started selling products, I would always get very nervous, and this made potential customers uncomfortable. So when you’re trying to sell a product, remember that control breathing, keep calm look, and let the sales flow.

4. Plan answers – more often than not, you’re going to get the same questions from customers about the product. Questions like how it works, or why it is special, etc. Use this to your advantage and take the time to build a very informative, but short answers to the questions you predict you’ll be getting a lot.

5. Speak with confidence – Large rookie mistakes new salespeople make is to use phrases like “I’m pretty sure” or “I think” … If a customer asks you a question about the product you’re trying to sell, they expect you to know the exact answer to her question. How would you feel if you were trying to buy a car, and the car salesman said: “I’m pretty sure the airbags work” … It is a lot different than they say “The airbags for this type of work very well.” So remember, do not guess yourself by answering questions, always a definitive answer.

6. Be patient – Sometimes a client just is not sure whether he / she wants to buy a product. When this happens, remember that patience answering questions they ask, and do not push them to hurry up with making their choices, this will probably be in vain to be sold.

7. Have a solid approach – Having a solid approach that salesperson is important, because it helps you to be consistent. What kind of salesperson you want to be? Want to be forever smiling animated good, or sad and consultative brand? Make a choice, stick to it, and practice it.

8. Build Trust – When I did a little business with Craigslist as a medium, I learned much about the importance of building trust with customers. Craigslist is notorious for all its horror stories, so I had to really build trust with my audience in order for them to buy something from me. Always try to find a way to communicate with your customers, because this will give both of you the confidence needed to complete the sale.

9. be presentable – Please look clean and professional. I can not tell you how many times I lost probably in sales due unshaven facial hair, casual clothes, or just looking bad. If you know you’re going to try to make some sales in person, take the time to give you a clean, friendly, approachable appearance.

10. Know When to Start – Being too aggressive with sales will always bad time. But it does not mean you should not try to start a sale is nearing its end. If your client is skeptical about the product, or simply not sure, use this opportunity to put the cards on the table. Have some examples made of the effectiveness of the product, or give your potential clients some “real talk”. For example, some “real talk” might be something like, “Personally, if I do not have this product, I would have died twice.” It need not be that extreme, but you get my point.

So these are the best piece of knowledge I can give to the new salesperson / businessman. I wish I would have focused more on this when I started, so remember to keep one in mind!

Getting to Yes in the Event sales

Event professionals will use negotiation strategies for planning the event process. Strong communication skills are particularly important at the beginning of the sales process, the customer often has several venues from which to choose. The manager must clearly communicate not just what to offer, but also the rules, procedures and requirements that go along with having the event in the university. For example, will include insurance, children on campus policies and limits alcohol from the beginning. Otherwise, the client could claim he or she was not aware of these rules as they get closer to the event and are locked into having the event on the ground.

Once the agreement is signed and Event guides customers through the planning process event, clear communication and negotiation on event options and alternatives continues criticism. For example, the customer indicates turning event set up 90 degrees, causing the level to be placed far from the power supply. Event will be using negotiation skills his or her to explain why, for transport as well as concerns about the budget, the event would be best to set up as originally planned.

Several long negotiation methods are especially useful in the event business. The first involves investigating and understanding the customer. When a client first queries the event space, the salesperson should research the background of a person, organization or company. It is best to know which companies project their faces: Do they represent a non-profit providing advice to those in need of youth or high-end software offering customers a product demonstration? Although each customer will be equal, sales message can be tailored toward the specific event needs. Think about the commonality of the customer, such as a regional or interesting anecdote related to their operations. Studies show that customers who have similar or affinity towards sales representatives are more likely to be open for negotiations. Brainstorm about how the university could be a good fit for this customer. Maybe they need a quiet space away from the students, instead of walking distance to the food court, or building with parking in the vicinity. Have a plan and strategy in mind how to implement their vision.

Next, while the client is to explain the events of their vision over the phone, inviting him or her to walk through the space. This will help customers not only see the beauty of the space, but also fancy their event in the facility. This is called a “foot in the door” technique. Get them to agree to something small, such as inspection, and they will have an easier time accepting that something bigger, like booking the event. The original research on this technology was released in 1966 by two Stanford researchers simulated door-to-door sales people to test the will of customers to accept small and large requests. The results showed that a series of small requests, requests for large working more efficiently than large request in the beginning. Building relationships and getting the customer to say “yes” is best achieved by layering requests.

During the walk through, start by showing Marquee space, even if this does not work for the budget or event needs. This is the “front door in technology.” If the customer the most expensive room first, because my classroom will not seem as expensive. It sets the context and range of space. Moreover, they may have an event in the future, where the Grand space will work. Where the customer came out to see the site, it is important to show the range of possibilities. Realtors or car sales people often use “face in the door” technique. First, customers are taken to the grandest house for sale in an area, or the most expensive car on the lot. Then they are shown a house or a car that fits better with their budget. By going down the most expensive, cheaper items do not seem as out of reach.

The differentiation strategy of negotiations is very helpful in the event the sale. Devise some major topic distinguish between facilities University of competition in town. Maybe it’s an open-air terrace accompanied by rent, free parking, and catering kitchen that allows outside food service. In Las Vegas, universities compete against high-end hotels that offer world-class amenities and casinos. By saying college is “informed choice” from the commotion tourist attraction, customers can focus on their meeting and not wander the casino and miss promotion. This sets the facility apart from the competition.

Next, use scarcity technology by placing restrictions on space. “We book up fast,” or “this is the only Saturday available in two months,” suggests a sense of urgency on the surface. A customer who has too much time to decide may postpone the event altogether. On the other hand, some customers need time to make an informed decision, and for these customers, soft negotiation strategy works well. Proposed space will be on hold for two weeks, and offer to give them the right of first refusal. That is, if any other inquiries about space, the first client will be called to see if they want to use or release space. This technology tells the client that the event manager is a delicate decision and would allow time to make the best choice. By being on their side, the customer may be more likely to choose a university forum.

In the case of goods or services for events, deadlines technology can be used. This is where the client tests the product for a specified period. For example, in week trial online registration service, linen exchange, or Activity Center membership. Not only can this get shot customer service, they will see how much better life is by using the service. Furthermore, it shows the trust between manager as a client, as well as faith in the product. Sales Manager is really saying, “After 30 days, you’ll love this so much that you will want to sign up for it.”

There is a plethora of research on negotiation and communication as it relates to business. Many of the ideas that have stood the test of time and are used again and again by successful sales people in various fields. These methods are also in University events field, however you to think carefully about how best to apply them to their customers.

Quality Wholesale Dresses at discount prices

Fashion women is like a river that never runs dry of water. It grows every day with a better idea to make it one of the most popular companies. Who does not love a perfect little black dress or an amazing sale? Women love fashion, and let’s face it, people will always need clothing. Like any other business it has ups and downs, but if done correctly it can be very effective.

Women treasure their looks and image more than anything else, they take pride in what they wear. They are careful and take time to consider every outfit, they also consider comfort, style, and cost. Some women, however, will pay extra for that must-have item. So, remember how crucial it is for you to have knowledge of the latest fashion trends. As a wholesaler you have a huge advantage if you carry a wide range of stocks. For example, if you sell wholesale dresses, the chances of people buying from you are more if you carry Maxi dresses, sun dresses gowns, wrap dresses, mini dresses, shirt dresses, sheath dresses, A-line dresses, peplum dresses, and so on. These dresses are not always aim so be sure to search the web, or a page with the latest fashion magazines for tips.

The wholesale clothing and apparel stores have a great advantage over other stores. When placing large orders, most companies will give you a discount, the more you order, the bigger discount, sometimes even 50% discount! Keep in mind that you need to do some research if you want the best offer. You can always call the company to see what is the best price they can give you the order. This is also great for building relationships with them. If they blow out sales they keep you in mind.

Dresses wholesale women is also possible to order prints as animal prints, floral prints, geometric prints and even customized services are available. Wholesale dresses can be found at a reasonable and affordable price. You can find good quality dresses for $ 5.00 which makes them easy for you to sell and make a profit. Another great advantage is that orders can be made online at any time. Which makes it very easy for fashion lovers throughout the world. They also offer a variety of shipping methods to fit your budget.

Apart from different styles of dresses come in, the key advantage is the knowledge of fashion trends. You will have a lot more customers if you are aware of fashion trends and your business will grow this way. Remember that customer service is also very important to make sure to respond to e-mails, phone calls and monitor customers as needed. These tips helped me, I hope they do the same for you.

What has happened with commissioned sales reps?

I believe up until late eighty’s there were many more who enjoy the idea to write their own paychecks them make their own schedules, and earning way above the average income for themselves. Things seem to change more in the nineties as a new sales people felt they had the basic salary. Before discussing these changes, perhaps we need to have the old world view of the office of the sales person.

In decades past, I think sales people were tougher, more driven had broad shoulders, more confident and motivated. People in the industry for the most part do not have or need a degree to be a sales person. Most realized that just doing the job would limit the dream of the average lifestyle. Those sales reps knew something worth was not easy, do not take rejection personally, set goals for themselves and get them. They were more aggressive than many I’ve seen today, not afraid to talk to people in leadership making way, well laid able to turn a no into yes, and had confidence not know what they got closer to the sale. It was a numbers game with buyers always out there, they just need to find them. So what has happened with more modern sales person?

I now know something of the sales people who still make a great life for themselves now. I figured out that at some point in the last 25 years was more challenging for companies to find a commission only people. So they had to figure out a way to pay basic but still come out ahead of the game. If we use as an example where representative sells $ 50,000 per month. Maybe got 20% which is $ 7,500 monthly. Now, how it has been built, they earn half, subject to deduction at source, and you can not write everything off as before. In doing so companies have more control over their people not to be independent, so pay less money left over for gas allowances and cellphones, they write not a sales person. The true sales person days the team would tell companies that they would strictly commission, knowing that they can sell the amount of incomplete right piece of the pie.

The company take this position are now spoiled sales reps out there who have a sense of right. Plus all the perks they also expect the company to obtain the potential. Most will refuse to do cold calling expect to do for them. What exactly is the point of calling them sales reps, more like customer service order taking her? Many people I have spoken can not think on their feet get over objections, allowing customers to sell them go out without it. This is the last cushy sales careers there was no urgency involved close it sell or not they were paid.