10 Tips to be a better salesperson

A salesperson is not limited to any shady car salesman wearing tacky clothes. A sales representative can be someone trying to convince potential customers to invest in a product or service, whatever it may be.

And if you are someone who is wanting to start a business, then these tips were written especially for you!

1. Have Charisma – First and foremost, you need to have charisma when trying to convince people. There are numerous books that can teach you how to be charming, but all you really need to do is practice. The more you will be happy with your sales representative role, most naturally charismatic you will.

2. Eye Contact – Some are shy, and it’s OK. But if you want to be a successful salesperson, the eye is a must. This is because the eyes shows that you are communicating with another person, and it shows that you are not ashamed to explain the product to your potential customers.

3. relax – speak to a voice or tense look on your face is a big turn off for customers. When I first started selling products, I would always get very nervous, and this made potential customers uncomfortable. So when you’re trying to sell a product, remember that control breathing, keep calm look, and let the sales flow.

4. Plan answers – more often than not, you’re going to get the same questions from customers about the product. Questions like how it works, or why it is special, etc. Use this to your advantage and take the time to build a very informative, but short answers to the questions you predict you’ll be getting a lot.

5. Speak with confidence – Large rookie mistakes new salespeople make is to use phrases like “I’m pretty sure” or “I think” … If a customer asks you a question about the product you’re trying to sell, they expect you to know the exact answer to her question. How would you feel if you were trying to buy a car, and the car salesman said: “I’m pretty sure the airbags work” … It is a lot different than they say “The airbags for this type of work very well.” So remember, do not guess yourself by answering questions, always a definitive answer.

6. Be patient – Sometimes a client just is not sure whether he / she wants to buy a product. When this happens, remember that patience answering questions they ask, and do not push them to hurry up with making their choices, this will probably be in vain to be sold.

7. Have a solid approach – Having a solid approach that salesperson is important, because it helps you to be consistent. What kind of salesperson you want to be? Want to be forever smiling animated good, or sad and consultative brand? Make a choice, stick to it, and practice it.

8. Build Trust – When I did a little business with Craigslist as a medium, I learned much about the importance of building trust with customers. Craigslist is notorious for all its horror stories, so I had to really build trust with my audience in order for them to buy something from me. Always try to find a way to communicate with your customers, because this will give both of you the confidence needed to complete the sale.

9. be presentable – Please look clean and professional. I can not tell you how many times I lost probably in sales due unshaven facial hair, casual clothes, or just looking bad. If you know you’re going to try to make some sales in person, take the time to give you a clean, friendly, approachable appearance.

10. Know When to Start – Being too aggressive with sales will always bad time. But it does not mean you should not try to start a sale is nearing its end. If your client is skeptical about the product, or simply not sure, use this opportunity to put the cards on the table. Have some examples made of the effectiveness of the product, or give your potential clients some “real talk”. For example, some “real talk” might be something like, “Personally, if I do not have this product, I would have died twice.” It need not be that extreme, but you get my point.

So these are the best piece of knowledge I can give to the new salesperson / businessman. I wish I would have focused more on this when I started, so remember to keep one in mind!